The Beauty Of Traveling For The First Time

Like everybody else on this planet, I get a bit scared when I find myself in unknown situations…

I was always so used to being sheltered by my family and having someone telling me how things are done right. I guess, in a way, I was always scared to be wrong or do something I had never done before (that was,actually, very hard to admit).

It took a few books, therapy sessions and motivations Pinterest quotes – but soon enough my confidence levels were starting to pick up. The fact that I was growing up and changing also played a part. Nobody stays the same, we all change through time and it’s only natural that as we grow up we learn to accept change, new things and feel like we can go through certain situations if we just keep our head up.

Flying to Crete was that kind of experience that had me shaking with nerves, excitement and anticipation. I wanted to have faith in myself – we all know how much of a big deal is for someone his/her first trip. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. Sure, I had my friends with me who had traveled before, but essentially I felt like pretending I was alone and doing it without help. Sometimes innocently cheating yourself a bit is a good thing.

My biggest fear was getting my ticket, going through security check and of course, finding my portal – all the important stuff. Up until we reach the airport my mind was foggy and anticipation was mixed with nerves. Turns out the minute you enter the airport things are less complicated.

Who would’ve thought?

There are information desks every few meters, workers eager to help and signs to guide you. You can imagine how stupid I felt after I managed to find my way through the airport, along with the help of my friends.

The best feeling, though, was not going through the security check and managing to find my way on the plane – the best feeling was the minute I looked outside the airplane window and saw the sky and the clouds.

I never expected to feel so carefree, I didn’t know I could actually. The minute the airplane takes off and suddenly you gain height and you find yourself above the fluffy clouds, there is no better feeling than that.

There is something magical about being in the sky. The fact that you are so far away from the ground, nothing can touch you, nothing can make you feel bad – you almost have the idea that you can do anything, come in terms with anything. It’s like a very long deep breath that calms you down completely.

There were so many things I felt like thinking about, but one hour just wasn’t enough. One hour is never enough.

At some point, if I want to be honest, I even acted as if I was on a movie and was flying away from a tortured love. Truth be told, I also do that during car rides with the right song – we all do.

After that trip, coming and going through plane I felt different.
The moment my feet touched the earth I felt renewed. I felt like I was different person and in a way I was. Not only because I had traveled alone, but mainly because as we were flying through the clouds I made the decision to enjoy anything that comes my way as an adventurous young adult. Putting insecurities aside, right there with the clouds, I made a vow to myself to make this trip life-changing and come back with a new-found fresh version of myself.

Now, several days later that change is evident. My sisters pointed it out and I could only smile at that, because deep down I knew that the vow made on the clouds was already taking effect.

So, if you ever feel troubled just arrange a trip by plane and get lost in the excitement of it. The excitement of a new place, a new way of traveling and the anticipation of finding a part of yourself.

Sure, if you haven’t traveled before you might feel tingly and nervous, but trust me when I say … it’s worth it.

Thanks for reading!

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