How I Edit My Instagram Posts

Instagram has become a big part of everyone’s life

It has become a daily habit of literally every single person on the planet, to check their Instagram feed each and every morning. We wake up and immediately grab our phones to check any new photos or videos uploaded by people we follow as if they have done something great overnight (rather than taking a selfie).

Obviously, I follow that ritual even though I do try to do something else the minute I open my eyes. But, let’s be honest, the internet is an addictive place of course I want to check other people’s lives from time to time. Call me a stalker or a simply a 21st century woman.

On social media we rarely see untouched, unfiltered photos. There are a million apps online and offline that offer filters and magic buttons that can easily change a photo. I used to use filters a lot, until I just started picking on photos light (mostly).

Nowadays, I use VSCO cam app and a specific filter which I alter a bit.

Following, ladies and gentlemen, is my little instagram photo retouch secret.
Feel free to use it wisely.


HB2 (+12)

  • Exposure +2
  • Saturation +1
  • Contrast +1
  • Tint +3
  • Highlight +12


Thanks for reading!

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