Cruise 2019 | Stella McCartney

I’ve come to love Cruise collections the past month.

There are so many good designs and designers, creations that blew my mind and so much modern creativity I feel like buying everything I see.

Stella McCartney has proven multiple times how good she is when it comes to fashion. She works the ‘elegant’ element really well, adjust it to her designs and creates fashionable outfits for her loyal customers. Wearing a Stella McCartney outfit means you understand how modern and elegant work.

What I liked about this collection is the fact that her color pallete was pretty summer-ly. White and dark blue navy were the main two colors in her Cruise collection. The designs were not over the top, too exaggerating, but rather were a modern marriage between simplicity and elegane. And what a wonderful union it is.

I loved how casual and yet formal all the designs look. You can easily wear them anytime you want and they will still grant you that stylish vibe every girl wants.

McCartney’s Cruise collection, according to my taste, was a success. It had just the right amount of modernity, creativity and elegance it needed to be classified as a “McCartney collection”. You can never go wrong with a Stella McCartney outfit, that’s a fact.





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