Cruise 2019 | Elie Saab

The designer who never fails to intrigue me…

If somebody were to ask me who is the designer that always amazes me, I would confess my love to Elie Saab. His creations always speak to my heart and style. It’s amazing how much a man can offer to women’s fashion, his amazing designs always seem to flatter the women wearing them. It’s like his purpose on this earth is to offer women the best gowns for any occasion.

You cannot miss the ‘princess vibe’ in every design, the simple cuts that always seem to work wonders on every creation, the subtle colors, the little distinctive details that stand out. There is a certain royal elegance and class in his creations, whether they are dresses or jumpsuits or any type of outfit. His has an eye and hand for good quality clothing.

His Cruise 2019 collection was one of the best ones yet – according to my taste, of course. Floral is the type of pattern that makes each appearance every season, in different shapes and forms. It has that girly, laid back vibe that every designer wants and the audience seem to love it. Elie Saab uses that pattern in this collection wisely and in ways that doesn’t make us bored to see it once again on another collection. In all shapes, colors and forms, the floral pattern plays a big part in this collection.

I also liked how shape-flattering every outfit seems to be. Simple, lean shapes, not many cut outs, but also designs that scream summer vibe. Let’s not forget that Cruise Collections are made for summer and travelling.

I can imagine myself wearing every piece.

The designer moves in a very earthly color palette, with not many shades – the basics seems to work for him. White, black, red and specks of gold, in accessories mostly – an outfit does not need much to look this classy.

The whole collection does remind me “summer at the Hampton’s” a bit, mainly because the outfits are very stylish, expensive looking and in light colors. Chic is one small word to describe, not only Saab’s style, but his Cruise collection in general.

Falling in love with the entire collection was not hard to do, you have to see it to believe me, but I have chosen some outfits I wouldn’t mind having in my closet.

Incredible, aren’t they?





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