Cruise 2019 | Victoria Beckham

We all knew she was bound to be part of the fashion industry…

Victoria Beckham had made sure, since the 90s, to inform us of how fashionable she is and give us previews and a promise that one day she would define fashion her own way.

She did it by creating her own brand, with creations that represent her personal style and showcase her elegant side. She is charismatic and that’s obvious. Personally, I am a big fan of hers, because she does not design, but creates an outfit by wearing the fabric, feeling the vibe and shaping it exactly how she wants it while it’s on her.

I love designer who are very hands on their art, because fashion is a form of art.

Her classy style is something that one would expect I’d like. I mean, she uses very simple lines and soft materials. Her utilitarian outfits are always attractive to me.

Androgynous style seems to be her main material, the element she uses and transforms or maybe translates, into her fashion/art. Every outfit is designed to be wearable many hours of the day, thus offering modern-day women who work a lot, an option in their wardrobes.

Victoria Beckham plays with a different side of sexy. Her clothes are never too revealing, or too provocative. On the contrary, just like in her own stylish closet, she chooses to promote the idea of “professional sexy”. The kind of sexy side that is appropriate for work hours, never too revealing, but enough to leave somebody’s imagination running and a woman to feel sexy and stylish at the same time.

She is also moving between bold colors, from midnight black to bright red, she rarely touches the in between. High or low, Victoria Beckham is here to show fashion she has a very utilitarian style to offer, high potentials and collections that fit a modern woman’s closet – after all that’s her target group.




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