The Color Of The Sea

Nothing beats summertime…

We spend all winter thinking, dreaming and waiting for summer. The sunny days, the warm weather, the free times, the vacations, With the immense freedom summer brings with it, it’s no wonder we all love it so much.

I love summer, partly, because of my summer wardrobe. Each summer I update and upgrade it, always according to what I need. Now, that I also work I have every reason to love my summer wardrobe because I can freely buy whatever I think I need.

My latest purchase was a pure white t-shirt, more like a stylish blouse, from Forever 21.
White became the color that defined this summer, thanks to its most frequent use in the latest Cruise Collections. Many brands and designers chose it to be the center color of their palette, and the color shade that gave life to their creations.

Among the many white clothing items I purchased this must be one of my absolute favorites. It’s a top that thanks to its color and design is easily paired with pretty much any type of skirt, pants, jeans and shorts (denim or not).

Personally, for a walk by the sea ( and for a glass of cold coffee afterwards) I wanted to be very summer-ly but without having to wear a dress to look the part. That’s why I figured my brand new white top from Forever 21 would look very good with my deep blue (almost black) and white stripes pair of pants from H&M, my white Adidas (my ultimately favorite sneakers) and my little pink-ish backpack from Accessorize .

White blends gloriously with the seaside landscape. It feels like it’s part of the scene, me and outfit.

Fast fashion can offer plenty of elegant and casual outfits, it’s not all about a t-shirt and a pair of denims. You have to explore fast fashion and find and put together the pieces that will ultimately define you and your style.

A nice, classy top and a pair of patterned pants must be my style.
What is yours?

Thanks for reading!

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