Be A Sunflower

Attention! This is another positive vibe kind of post…

I’m all about positive vibes and walking through life with a smile on your face, even though my face has a scowl on most of the time (not that I do it on purpose). Plenty of times I catch myself browsing through the internet looking for something with a positive message, whether that’s a photo, a video or an article.

There are so many bad and sad things going on in the world, that I yearn for something positive, something good, something to make me smile. It’s partly the reason why I post so many positive posts in here, because I want other people to read something motivational, something to put a smile on their face, something to remind them that hard times will pass and the sun will shine again.

The sunflower happens to be my favourite flower. It has the ‘specialty’ that no matter what it always turns towards the sun. Isn’t inspiring? Tall, lean, beautiful – the sunflower manages to catch a ray of sunlight even during cloudy weather, it senses the warmth of the sun. It gives me hope.

The ‘poetic soul’ that I am, I tend to translate it like this: just like a sunflower, we should be leaning towards the sun as well. Meaning, the sun is the bright side of life, the idea that things can’t be bad for too long. Sure, bad things happen all the time, the worst thing is loosing someone, but life isn’t meant to be spent groaning in pain. Life has many wonderful things to offer, but in order to maintain balance it has to throw some nasty thing in between.

Whenever I feel down I think about the sunflower and try to pick myself up. You can sit around moping and whining about how sad your life is, or you can turn towards the sun and turn it all around. Put a smile on your face, find your confidence and your will and attempt to conquer your happiness.

You know, most of my problems have to do with something that someone said to me or told me that I did. People close to you tend to have the power to manipulate your mood, hide the sun from your view, but it’s your job as a sunflower to find that ray of light and don’t let your smile fall down. Sure, it will shake a bit, but as long as it doesn’t break, you’re good.

I like the eyes of being a sunflower. I like the idea living in positive energy. I like idea that things will turn out okay in the end. It gives me strength and hope to fight on. I don’t know when was the moment I decided to be a sunflower, but I know that it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

Not all days are the same, I get that, but why should you let the evilness of the world bring you down, when you can knock them off balance with just your smile? Your crooked, beautifully placed smile.

Don’t get me wrong, I know exactly how dreamy it all sounds and I am sure I would get annoyed if somebody was telling me that for too long. But, honestly, I think people spend too much time counting the misfortunes of the world than the actual good news.

So, just, before you are dragged down and your smile turns into a frown – think of the sunflower and turn your face towards the warmth of the sun.

Be a sunflower. Be happy!

Thanks for reading!

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