I do have a soft spot for Giambattista Valli…

My age group is definetely in Valli’s target group, so it’s only natural to be attracted to his marvellous designs. I like the way his clothes are so appealing to me, so refreshing and elegant without being too eccentric.

Valli takes that refreshing element very seriously. He is well aware that his clientele counts on him to offer a youthful collection, one that inspires and is admired by the younger generation. We are well aware of his fashion lines from streetwear, but when it comes to couture Giambattista Valli must take that refreshing element, mix it up with pieces of art and inspiration and give us a collection to admire until the next one comes along.

This Couture line for 2018 Haute Couture season was interesting, fresh, youthful, but in my opinion lacked a bit of passion. It wasn’t bad, on the contrary, it was very beautiful with designs that reminded us pieces of art. But, I guess, when it comes to Couture, we all expect to be dazzled and that just wasn’t the case.

That doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy the collection, the vibe or the designs. In fact, there were plenty of dresses I found very attractive. I loved the feathers, they were very couture-appropriate, and a fashion touch that looked marvellous on the sparkly dress that was modeled on the runway. Well, on both of the dresses that you can see and admire below. I find feathers to have the effect to center the attention on them wherever they are on a piece. They can be very chic if used correctly, and Valli is not wrong to bet on their chic-ness.

The floral pattern also played a big part in mentaining the fresh vibe Valli aims to include in all of his designs. A timeless pattern, like floral, in black and white and in variety is always a good idea.

Short dresses, volume on the shoulders, plunging necklines, a little bit of sparkle – that much be the recipe of Giambattista Valli’s couture collection. Might not be a groundbreaking success, but it was a success nontheless.

Now, following, the pieces I loved from Giambattista Valli’s Couture Collection 2018.







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