Girl Gone Wild…

There were plenty of designs I loved from Schiaparelli’s Couture 2018 line, mostly because her nostalgic and elegant lines call to my deepest chic genes – if that even makes sense to any of you. Or me. It’s a figure of speech I guess.

Schiaparelli is known for the classic lines, the nostalgic vibe, the elegance, the poise of the models and their confidence as they walk down the runway wearing the finest of Couture.

However, among the elegance was something wild. I saw the entire collection closely, I wanted to really catch the vibe the collection was trying to share with the audience and I saw that among all the expectant designs in familiar decoration, we saw splashes of bold colors. It really was like a treat for the eyes. Bright, bold colors, animal heads, pieces that were anything but subtle in shades. This Schiaparelli collection was Couture alright.

I liked, or maybe loved or adored, how elegant the lines were. All pieces made to flatter a woman’s body, with prominent waist and shoulders, some plunging necklines (the newest epitome of sexiness) – I guess, you can say that Schiaparelli’s couture collection was a very successful marriage between elegance and art in a fashionable way. After all, that’s what Couture is all about.

To be honest, it was one of the few times I was attracted and in awe of the color palette the designer moved into. From black and subtle shades, to something bolder, brighter, dazzling. It’s amazing how those two totally different sides of colors work so well together.

Like paintings telling a fairytale love story married with professionalism, this couture collection was more than a collection. It was a marvellous parade of chic colors.

Check out the pieces I loved the most and just so happen to sum up, in a way, the entire collection (minus the animal head pieces).








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