There is a reason why Givenchy is at the top of the fashion chain…

The Givenchy house has established its position as one of the main leaders when it comes to fashion chain. It’s classy, elegant, with a high prestige clientele and a long history dressing the elite. It’s only natural to expect the best of the best from the fashion house and have high demands and expectations from the designer who has taken over.

Clare Waight Keller, who is currently designing for Givenchy, understands how important it is to respect the guiding lines the late Hubert Givenchy created and made his clothes timeless. Like Lagerfeld with Chanel and Rousteing with Balmain, Ms Keller has a huge responsibility to make sure that her designs don’t stray away from what is known for Givenchy. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

So far, she is doing a fantastic job. This Couture collection for Givenchy by Clare Waight Keller was more than enough for my expectation. Straight, confident, fierce lines, that despite their desiplianarian approach looked very flattering and a strong elegant vibe that ruled the entire show.

If I’m being honest, the collection reminded me something of Gossip Girl and fairytale stories by the Grimm brothers. There was Black Riding Hood just like there was a Serena Van Der Woodsen on that runway, both dressed to impress – and obviously, I am not talking about the actors, but the characters themselves.

Monochrome basic pallette, sparkly decorations, capes and drapes. Fairytales and the Manhattan’s elite mixed together in a Givenchy ultimate collection.

I enjoyed this collection very much. It wasn’t wild, it wasn’t out of place or at least the designer didn’t look like trying too hard. It was just right, subtle, sensual, creative, with a hint of art and elegance married together in harmony. That’s all we ask from a couture collection, I believe. Fashion harmonally married with art and literature.

Right below are the pieces I loved the most among many!







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