Summer is a good season to show your appreciation for the sea and cafes near the sea…

When the sun is shining bright, not a hint of gre clouds on the sky, the breeze warm and iviting – then you know that it’s a good day to go out and enjoy the definition of a summer day. I couldn’t miss that opportunity, so that bright summer morning I went out for a coffee by the sea with some of my good friends.

Moments like that, when friends laugh at each other, you say what’s been going on with your lives, you catch up and talk about anything and everything with people who are actually interested in being in your life, that’s what life is really all about. Moments. Individual moments in time when you spend them with people who matter.

Back the main reason of this post. My outfit.

Can you go any more 90s than this?

I think not.

We saw many things, plenty of trends, during the 90s – the denim, of course, was the absolute favourite, so it’s only natural that during that time many denim pants types came to life.

I like vintage clothes been worn in modern ways. There is something about the way the old mingles with the new that makes my skin crawl pleasurably. I want to see vintage outfits aesthetics in modern ways, it gives me hope that incredible parts of past fashion still live throughout time.

I went full 90s with this outfit and it happened so random. I needed to get out of the house really fast, because my friends were already on their way to pick me up, so I grabbed the first things I saw in front of me. Maybe, I am a 90s girl in more ways than one.

A pair of Vintage High Ankle Jeans, in straight line that flatters the waist kind of pants, and a black top, along with my comfortable ASICS, that look very much out of the outfit, but please, I really am an-athletic-shoes-kind-of-girl girl.

Feeling comfortable is a big part of my private style, as I’ve said plenty of times. For that reason, I choose to go with outfits that allow movements, are not too heavy and at the same time make me feel good. I find this outfit very cute, flattering and comfortable.

Another idea for an outfit at such a lovely day is a maxi floral dress, or a sunny midi dress with flares. Just adding up to the cute ingredient. Also, you can never go wrong with a summer jumpsuit and a pair of summer sandals or your favorite ADIDAS sneakers. Just pouring out ideas here!

I laughed a lot that day. Maybe it was because I really tried to keep my mind free of troubles, which rarely happens. It felt good to be out in the sun (although not for too long), to walk by the sea and watch the water tremble because of the slight breeze and watch your friends argue about who takes better pictures. Small funny moments, like I said before.

I really think that’s my ideal day.
What is yours?

Thanks for reading!

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