What’s In My Bag

If someone were to ask me if I obsess over anything, then I can honestly say that I have a soft spot over handbags. And backpacks. And maybe, just a bit, over funny packs.
Any kind of bag really.

No, maybe not just a soft spot. I am talking about a full on obsession over handbags of every type. It’s the number one accessory I, actually, don’t lack of. However, I am not even close to the number of bags that I want to own and I don’t think there is an actual number. I want to own as many bags as possible – I am a bag-addict and I am not ashamed of that. Some women like shoes, I like bags.

Backpacks, regular handbags, plain or patterned. I love them all, and I am prepared to spend half my salary on bags. No guilt whatsoever.

So, I figured since I love my bags why don’t I show you what I carry with me on a daily basis inside of those lovely accessories? And, probably, what you should also have in your bag. Add and toss whatever you want!

Let’s get started.

  • Wallet

That’s the number one thing you should have in your bag at all times. You can’t go anywhere without your wallet these days. You need it not only for cash, but for your ID,your credit cards, and even membership cards.

  • Glasses Case

If you don’t have eagle-eyes, like me, then you probably need to carry your glasses around all the time. But, glasses often get dirty, so it would be a good idea to have their case with that little cleaning clothing piece they come with at all times.Β 20180811_200448.jpg

  • Keys

I don’t know how many times I’ve lost them, but I know very well that I need them with me at all times. That’s why these days their the first thing I test I have with me, after my wallet and my phone (which I carry in my hands even in my sleep).


  • Notebook and Pen

You never know when a good idea might hit you. You better be prepared for anything, always carry with you a small notebook and a penΒ  – especially, if you are a creative person like moi!
20180811_200617 (3)

  • Tissues

Wipe the smudge at the corner of your eyes, blow your nose, clean up your lipstick. Tissues are another essential thing you need to have in your bag.

  • Mascara and lipstick

Our make up rarely stays at its place during the day. Refresh your make up every couple of hours with just your mascara and lipstick. The basics is all you need!

  • Sunglasses

Although beautiful, sun can be an enemy for your eyes. Protect them by wearing your sunglasses outdoors.

  • Pad

What? I’m a girl, I need to make sure I am always prepared for that time of the month – you never know where you’ll be when it comes. Better be prepared.


That was what’s in my bag.
What are the essentials you carry around at all times?

Thanks for reading!

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