The best way to say “farewell” to summer 2018…

Imagine this… Your feet deep within the pebbled beach, the sun shining bright above your head, you are in your bathing suit and your friends are in the water or sitting under a tree talking about a random subject you don’t seem to care about now. All you care about is the fact that these are the last days of summer. Soon fall season will take its place and the beach would seem so faraway, just like the warm summer days when all you cared about was putting on your swimsuit and running to the nearest beach with your dearest friends.

That was my state when I took the picture above. At the moment, I wanted to capture the way the sun was diving into the water, one last dive before the cold days arrive. Thankfully, in Greece summer likes to stay a bit longer than in other countries, but still, the end of August (for everyone) means the end of summer.

I can’t say that it wasn’t an eventful summer. I got to go on vacation with my friends, which must be the highlight of my summer. Oh, how I miss those days now. They seem like it was only yesterday I was boarding the plane heading to Crete, but looking at my phone it states it was almost three months ago. Right in the beginning of summer.

It’s a habit of mine to always want to start and end a season, an era, a situation, a relationship, a month, with a good view. Beginnings and endings should always be magical, worth-remembering moments. I’m all about moments. I’m all about a good view of a place. I’m all about that warm feeling you get when something is starting and right when it comes to an end. It’s a tingly feeling, a bit sour, because you know you will never get the past moments back, but they were so beautiful that you just know you will carry them with you wherever you go.

This summer was for me a private lesson. A life lesson, obviously. I proved to myself I don’t need others to lift me up, to help me move on, to help me get through life. I learned that I am capable to fight the sourness of the world my way, and do what’s necessary for me to survive. I would have never done it if it wasn’t for the challenges of this summer. I am so unbelievably grateful for everything that came my way. Even if some, at that time, seemed like an enormous mountain I couldn’t climb.

That’s life, people.

Just like this, with a bittersweet smile, a lifted spirit, a full of lessons heart, I am ready to say goodbye to summer 2018, even though I would love for it to last a little bit longer. But, all things must come to an end, even if we don’t like the idea and want to hold on to them longer. There is always a beginning, a middle and an end.

However, just because summer is leaving us doesn’t mean we don’t have another wonderful season to wait for. Christmas are, now, on their way so let’s try and make them as magical as possible.

Four words to describe this summer?
Wonderful. Refreshing. Eventful. Informative.

Thanks for reading!

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