You can’t go wrong with black and white, just like you can’t go wrong with a summer outfit of t-shirt and shorts…

Recently, I purchased a hight waist pair of shorts from my favourite fast-fashion brand, H&M. I wouldn’t say I am obsessed with this brand, but if I’m being honest, I always find what I am looking for. Plus, they have upgraded themselves as a brand and have started collaborating with designers and other important and ground-breaking brands, such as KENZO.

This pair of high waist shorts pair, though, took my breath away and partly satisfied my need to purchase clothes I can wear with anything. I am pretty practical, and since I am still building my style and wardrobe I figured this is a piece I need to have!

You can wear it with anything, but for a walk around town I chose to wear it with a Stradivarius t-shirt with a logo that screams girl power. The future is female, that’s widely known.

Black and white is one of the most common and classical combinations in the styling world. However, you can always elevate an outfit by adding some accessories or if it’s cold you can throw over a denim jacket! How can you go wrong with denim?! You can’t!

For shoes, I don’t think I need to tell you what I wore. What? I love my white Adidas sneakers, almost as much as I love my grey and pink Nike Tanjun.

Accessorize have some very interesting and modern bags, especially handbags. I love shopping there, because they have a large variety of accessories for people my age. This bag, right here, was purchased at the last minute was roaming the streets of Athens. I was running around doing my monthly shopping and I was just about to leave the city and head back to my own, when I saw it at the window display. It’s nothing much, very simple, monochrome backpack, but I loved the color and how summer-ly it looked! Plus, you never have enough colors in bags… just saying!

Summer is almost over, therefore, I want to enjoy my summer wardrobe as long as I can. Shorts, t-shirts, summer dresses – enjoy them while the sun is still burning and the beach is still welcoming! September is here, after all. Which reminds me…

Happy September everybody!!

Thanks for reading!

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