The old, the new, the classics and the trends…

I would never say that I spend too much time watching movies and tv-shows (when I am not hustling), but after a long day at work I enjoy a couple or more hours streaming in NETFLIX.

Who doesn’t? It has become something more than a simple channel that’s trending, it has become a production company with some ground breaking movies and tv shows that’s got us all hooked. Netflix is the new thing, the new cinema, the new era in tv shows that’s promising us endless hours of standing in front of a screen wishing we were one of the characters in our favorite tv-shows.

Ever since I made a subscription I’ve been using it every day. At one point, I thought I was becoming addicted to it, but when I saw my entire family getting just as addicted I felt better, because I understood that’s a Netflix normal first step in being a subscriber.

I have multiple favorite movies and tv-shows on Netflix, a whole list of them to be honest, but I figured I could share with you my most favorite tv shows in a small blog post. Just so you have an idea what I am most likely watching when I am streaming on Netflix.


  • Yeah, I am definetely watching this again and again and again. The show is great, the storyline very interesting and the cast hot. I mean, Matthew Dadario, Dominic Sherwood, Harry Shum Jr.. I am fangirling while typing, although, you can’t see it!! It’s a show that if you are not watching it (what are you doing with your life?!) you should stream on Netflix right now!!

  • Naturally, I am watching the show that has the entire world shook and hooked. It’s not just the storyline that’s creative and interesting, but also the child actors who are so dedicated in bringing these characters to life, that leave you amazed of how talented they truly are.

  • Superman has a cousin that you will love for her lovely, a bit awkward, personality and her sense to protect and offer her help to humanity. It’s a show that I adore, because it’s so close to reality I feel like the world will be saved by Supergirl or simply Supergirl is out there saving the world and living like a normal person without revealing her true identity. All part of the superhero vibe.

  • Same goes for Flash tv-show, although, the storyline is different the superhero vibe is not. We all need superheroes in our lives, and since there are none with super powers in real life, Flash and Supergirl are here to fill that void.

  • Finally, a show that’s projecting the reality we live in, with all the abuse, the secrets and lies that exist to this world. It’s a show that helps you start talking about what’s going on in your life, and if you are a victim of abuse or rape or thinking about suicide, then you should talk before it’s too late. Every life is precious and words hurt. That’s the point.

  • It’s an MTV series that can be found on Netflix that I used to watch like mad fangirl and I still do, because it’s the greatest show I have ever watched and satisfies my need for supernatural dose.

  • Feminism, girl power, boss ladies, motivation. Girl boss is a series about how an online shop of second hand clothes came to be at the top. It’s inspiring and motivational and bound to make you want to work on your dreams no matter how crazy they are.

Those are just a few of the shows I am watching. I am sure you,too, are watching a bunch more and I would really like to hear your suggestions about what shows I should watch next. Especially, now that few of them are on hold. Most of them are the supernatural kind, because I love the idea that super powers exist, but I also love a dose of motivation, because we all need a gentle push now and then.

So tell me, what shows should I watch next?

Thanks for reading!

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