Disclaimer no1 ! This is another inspirational THOUGHTS post

Disclaimer no2: This is a real photo in which I am just being me, with no make up, with no care, with plenty of unnecessary worries. Perfectly imperfect and such…

If you haven’t figure it out by now, this is my favourite kind of posts. I literally have a very long list of Thoughts post, all to be written and posted here in due time. What can I say? I have a lot of thoughts and opinions that I feel like posting on my blog – most of them are motivational, because who doesn’t need a little push once in a while and others are reflecting to real life events that turn into life lessons. When something, anything, happens in my life and there is a life lesson within it, I get excited because I now I can share it here with you.

Recently, I noticed a few marks on my body and face. Nothing serious, but a sign that I shouldn’t pick on my skin and I shouldn’t pop pimples and blackheads if I don’t know how to do it correctly and without damaging my skin. To be honest, I get annoyed at my sensitive skin and myself for not using the cream my dermatologist told me. Just me being a fool, I guess. However, while looking at myself in the mirror I noticed plenty of small imperfections on my skin. My brain went on two different directions immediately, so I could only stand in front of my mirror, still looking at my face and think.

From one hand, I felt disappointed in myself because I had the opportunity (still do) to have perfect skin, but I ruin it because of a nasty habit. How heavy should my make up be now in order to cover the red spots and the hurt skin in general? I am a person who values a good appearance, I like people who have a sense in style, who wear nice matching clothes, perfume, who wear just enough make up to flatter them. I like those people, and sometimes it saddens me to think whether I am one of them.

That’s when the other part of my brain started getting frustrated with the self concerened part. Immediately I started thinking that I was less than perfect, because I had flaws. For a second, I let myself feel bad because my appearance wasn’t on “instagram fleek”.

Thank God, that was just for a second. I came to my senses soon after that. On the other hand, meaning the other part of my brain, what is “perfection” and who defined it in the first place? For years we go around building the perfect image of perfection, whether that has to do with people, art, items, cities. There are diferent criterias, apparently, set by people who really have an interest in perfection. Thankfully, we don’t all apply to those criterias and because we now live in the ‘modern days’ of the 21st century, perfection has a whole different meaning.

I don’t know how you define perfection, but I define it as anything that moves my soul. Sometimes you have to wonder: What does outter beauty mean when the inner part of a person is sour and nasty?

Sure, we all get distracted by easy on the eyes sights, and how could we not? When something is beautiful you just have to see and appreciate it, but is it really perfect? Not always, that’s for sure.

After all, imagine how hard it is to be in constant ‘perfection mode‘, not a single flaw in sight. Tiring, for sure. I believe that constant perfection is able to tire a person out, plus when someone is in that mode all the time, then there is no surprise , all perfect and correct actions are expected. How boring does that sound? Hence the title.

Moment of truth: I truly believe that nobody’s perfect, no matter how hard a person tries to be, perfection is something ideal, self defined, that few are able to achieve and still in the eyes of some they might not even be perfect.

Today’s life lesson is this: if we all define perfection in diferent ways and diferent criterias, doesn’t it seem much more sensible to try and be our own kind of perfect? Imperfection is still perfection, and that’s a well known fact! So, for today and the rest of our lives let’s embrace imperection… Are you with me?

Thanks for reading!

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