I believe Tom Ford is the kind of designer who serves woman kind in the best way possible. He is out there designing for strong, powerful, strong-willed women who work their way to the top with passion. The kind of women who among all the crazy things they have to do every day also want to look good.

For Ready-to-wear 2019 New York Fashion Week, Tom Ford, designed the outfits every business woman wants to have in her closet. He moved around his usual color palette of black and skin tone nude, with small touches and hints of pastel colors for effect, thus creating harmonical and powerful pieces.

I loved the midi length of all his designs, I believe midi it’s the kind of length that combines sexy and inviting with subtle when it comes to fashion. It’s kind of the ideal length for any woman who wants to look good without overdoing it or looking too sexy or inappropriate. Some would even say it’s working woman’s skirt/ dress length.

One thing that Tom Ford does well in his ready-to-wear collections is combining the whole point of ready-to-wear clothing with chic-ness. It’s not very easy to create outfits for such a fashion week and such a demanding consumer audience and manage to keep the ‘daily style’ along with a haute couture vibe. You have to admit that his clothes do that, they have that high fashion vibe even if they are clothes destined to be worn at the office. That’s an amazing thing to do, very creative and trustworthy, and possibly the reason why every high demand, working, powerful woman has and does own a full closet of Tom Ford designs.

If you aspire to become one of these women, then you should probably take a look at Mr Ford’s designs!

An interesting thing to notice is how his designs are not baggy, instead they fit women very beautifully, enhancing their curves and body types. He is not descriminating anyone, but creates pieces that make a woman’s waist and shoulders prominent, and shows off her legs even if she is wearing pants.







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