It is very likely that Brandon Maxwell fell asleep and woke up in another decade – and I’m thankful for that sleep of his.

Creations from another decade that fit perfectly into this season fashion sense. Fashion moves in circles and Brandon Maxwell knows this, and throughout the year and its seasons all we’ve seen is fashion going back and forth from the 80s to the 60s and so on. Past decade fashion is one of the hottest topics.

Personally, I loved all the designs mainly because I enjoy fashion from past decades. I think there was something about the 80s and the 60s that really made a difference in fashion, decades that fashion was at its very best and people were creative and filled with new ideas.

Brandon Maxwell was clearly inspired by another decade when he created all these pieces. We’re talking about short sleeved maxi dresses in bright colors, off the shoulder with drapes kind of shirts and dresses, linen shorts and bodysuits. Pastel pink meets linen fabric in the most beautiful combination in New York Fashion Week so far! I loved it!

I was mostly attracted to the dresses of this collection, I don’t know if it was the pastel colors, the color block idea on some, the designs or the general vibe, but every dress that appeared on that catwalk stole a piece of my heart. Choosing a favourite is a tough one, so I’m going to avoid it, but I can tell you for a fact that Maxwell’s dresses are what I want to see on the streets and red carpets.

Elegance from another decade – that’s a title I would give to his collection.








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