We’re currently going through the weather and time when the air gets a bit colder, but the sun is still burning bright and making us sweat.

Personally, I find this ‘meantime weather’ rather annoying. I don’t know what to wear and at the same time, I don’t know how or what I am feeling. My outfits are also very confusing during this time of the year, and I try to keep them leveled and pretty, and above all… practical.

I love my ONLY jean shorts and I didn’t have many opportunities to wear them during summertime. Now, is my last chance to wear them, and since the weather is a tad bit colder I figured I could act like a stylist and put my ONLY denim shorts with a shirt. Yes, a buttoned up shirt.

It does remind me a bit of the outfits you see on Pinterest, but to be honest, I love those outfits and I’m actually very proud of myself to be able to pull this off. As you can see, I tucked one side of the shirt inside my denim shorts to give a little flare and more style to the outfit. Style is what you do with fashion, when you have to work with a shirt and a pair of denim shorts you don’t have to tuck them in if you don’t feel like it. You have the option to tie the sides of the shirt in an elegant knot, or leave the shirt loose and opt for a more laid back kind of style and do something like an updo with your hair.

I chose to pull my hair up into a loose pony tail. In my opinion, this is the kind of look you wear on a trip to the sea over your swimsuit with a sunny windy weather- meaning a typical summer outfit. As you’ve probably understood I have a habit of creating theme outfits, it helps me understand my style better and make sure that I am always dressed accordingly to the situation.

Now that summertime is mostly gone, I think it’s time to start organizing our fall wardrobe. All kinds of shorts are gone and sandals are giving their place to fall ankle boots and closed off shoes. I’ll make sure to make a full post about it here! Are you interested? I am sure you are!

Thanks for reading!

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