London Fashion Week has a special meaning of anticipation for me ever since Victoria Beckham start being part of it.

I’m not going to lie, Victoria Beckham has taken a very high place in my list of favourite designers because of her effortless style. She is rocking a chic minimalist style that works so wonderfully for her, that I truly believe is so inspiring I can’t help but fall in love with every outfit.

She launches collections based on chic-ness and confidence in a way that her clothes have the ability to give power to the person wearing it. I know it all sounds like a fairytale or a dedication to the designer, but I’m telling the truth when I say that her clothes carry a certain confidence with them. The kind of confidence women these days want and appreciate.

We live in a century where women are taking back the power and fighting for their lives and their rights. That doesn’t mean that they forget they are females, or they neglect their need to feel and look beautiful. It simply means that confidence now plays a big part in their wardrobe and they want that to be evident.

Victoria Beckham, with this Spring 2019 ready-to-wear collection, offers them wholeheartedly that kind of power and confidence all those women seek. She is a women, she is part of a very competitive industry that she constantly has to prove herself, so I believe she designs the clothes that she wants or she feels like wearing.

We’re talking about blazers, loose blouses, comfortable and at the same time eccentric pants, simple cuts, oversized pieces and lines that strike away the word and definition of “cute”. Women wearing her collection are not defined as cute, but as confident powerful people taking over the world while looking their best.

Like always, I have put together some outfits that won my heart, but obviously there are many more. This collection was an actual representation of Beckham’s evolution as a designer, as a creator. Here’s to many more amazing collections!






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