Unique. That’s the word I would use to describe Mary Katrantzou’s ready-to-wear collection.

Although, some would say that she kind of mistaken Haute Couture with Ready-to-wear, we must admit her collection had a certain interest. If I’m being honest, I was not exactly thrilled with her collection. Sure, it was something different, it wasn’t chic, but rather more artistic, but I guess I am old fashioned in a way.

Her collection was, in my opinion, based on geometrical designs, art and current reality. She effectively put all those factors together to get this collection, that might not be mind-blowing, but it sure is interesting and turns heads. Maybe that’s exactly what she wanted.

Her name has been heard quite a lot these past few days, mainly because she has a certain talent when it comes to fashion. I can see the fascination in the way she uses geometry and art together, in perfect creative harmony. Her color palette moves between nude colors and earthly shades, she uses plastic as a form of fabric which makes this collection the talk of the town.





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