I couldn’t miss the opportunity of playing with the words a little bit…

When it’s time for a night out, I believe, all women just stop for a moment and mentally go through every possible outfit they can put together and soon enough decided they have nothing to wear. I won’t pretend I am not one of these women, because that would be a huge lie.

My closet is not dreamy, just yet, meaning it doesn’t resemble the grand walk in closets you see on Pinterest, although that’s a big dream of mine. Up until now, I’ve been trying to purchase clothes I can mis-match them easily, just so I can avoid the unnecessary stress of wondering what to wear and throwing my clothes all around my room in dramatic ways.

At my most recent night out, I wanted to feel cool, beautiful and (yes, I admit) a bit sexy too. There’s nothing wrong with feeling sexy no matter what you wear. You can be wearing a turtleneck and feeling sexy, because we have the right to redefine what sexy means.

I opted for a see-through floral t-shirt with a high neck and a pair of blue-ish pants.
Obviously, I put something on my bust area under the top, because I wasn’t really sure my bra was appropriate for such an outfit. Like I’ve said before, I am still experimenting with my style and possibilities – and I’m taking you through that journey with me!

I like the way the t-shirt is clinging to my body and then the pants are a big baggy just below the waistline, thus giving a different, more stylish vibe at the outfit. It would still look good if I wore it with more tight black pants (or even red) – maybe that’s a stylish tip for when you decide to put on something like this one!

I love those type of outfits on a night out, along with mini dresses or high waist shorts and black pants with statement tops and accessories. In general, I feel like every woman should enjoy the way she dresses herself up on a night out and make sure that the outfit she has on is making her feel sexy, beautiful and confident. Never underestimate the power of an outfit!

Tell me what to do you think on the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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One thought on “SEE-THROUGH ME

  1. I love the entire look. With some nice heels, it would seal the deal. You can wear your hair up or down. It’s simple, classic, and a little sexy doesn’t hurt. I want to find a look like this.


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