It took me a while to write this post, but in all honesty it also took me a while to find some time to put my thoughts together.

I’m at that certain point in my life, where I make distant plans, try to organize my daily schedule and keep up with the heavy work load all together. All these things might seem like a typical hustling days for some, but I’m new to this hustling-your-life-game and everything seems too much for me. Not that I don’t enjoy it, but as it seems my free time has been extremely narrowed.

Hence the reason my annual ‘birthday post’ has been delayed. Sorry to those who’ve been waiting for it, it wasn’t my intention to keep you waiting.

This year, my birthday wasn’t a big deal, to be honest. October 3rd was in the middle of the week and like everybody else, I spent it at work and later working from home on a project. Sure, a couple of friends came over, but nothing grand. This year my birthday found me hustling and trying to put order in my life and I wasn’t even dressed for it. Unless, you call my sweatpants and baggy t-shirtΒ  chic and birthday-appropriate.

If I’m being honest, I kind of wish my birthday next year to be a bit more spectacular. I want my birthday to happen in a nice restaurant surrounded by the people I love most – drinking, eating, laughing and talking and for one night to be free of all drama and work related issues. I want to smile and feel free and maybe even have already climbed a few steps of the success ladder, if that’s possible. A lot can happen in a year, that’s for sure.

Even better, maybe my next birthday will find me in a totally different place both mentally and physically. If all goes well, next October 3rd I’ll be smiling, first to myself (for the things I will have accomplish) and next to the people who are around me wishing me everything nice.

However, even if you plan some things in life it all works in such curious ways that everything can be turned around in just a moment. Right when you think everything is good a single thing can change. Right when you think you’ve got all figured out, you find yourself wondering again. Right when you think you have this life game down, you lose a round.

Maybe I am not able to control or plan the things that will happen in a year from now or the people around me, but I can do this-Β  I can control my actions and reactions, I can control my choices and decisions, I can control my mind and above all I can wish that all the things I have imagined and wished upon the candle on my birthday cake will come true.

Working, planning, hustling, doing and wishing.
That’s all I have to do.
So, happy birthday to me!


Thanks for reading!

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