Young, Broke and Fabulous

Disclaimer! This is a worldwide known phenomenon affecting this generation. Please, read this article piece with caution and understanding. Thank you!

The disclaimer above was so much-needed for such an article. In this “Thoughts” category I like to put my personal thoughts and opinions on display, fully aware that some people might not agree with what I have to say. This diversity and large variety of opinions is, actually, something we need in this world. If we all carried the same mindset, nothing would ever evolve in this world.

Recently, I’ve been deliberately surrounding myself with people of different ages and share my thoughts with them, mainly about the future. How do they see their future? How do they see the future of our country and others? How do they feel about current events? What do they want to do? What do they want to change? Are they willing to make a difference? Is accepting what it is, enough?

Putting the people in the process of truly thinking about life, the world we’re living in, the current events, the future in general is so satisfying for me. I like to see people really thinking about deep subjects that matter and hear what they have to say about it. It’s a weird form of satisfaction, I guess.

The point of this ‘experiment’ was to analyze, in a way, this and the previous generation of people. I wanted to see how the previous generation views us, and how we view ourselves.

My result?

Young, broke and fabulous.
It must be the most shared line in Tumblr and Pinterest. Obviously, that’s because this line must be / or should be, the defining line of our generation. Think about it.

We’re people full of life, we try to live our lives in color, we like art and are accepting of love in every way and form it comes. We try very hard not to be close minded and truly, we want to change the world for the better – it’s just sometimes our voices are being drowned by the people of previous generation whose interests are far greater than ours and their ambitions only go as far as money goes.

Even though we try, every way we can, to make a difference, if our family is not very well stablished financially and we don’t carry some big fancy name with huge legacy, we are close to nothing in this world. However, from what I’ve noticed, we never stop dreaming. That is certainly something that gives you hope.

We have nothing to lose, which is exactly why we all live our lives so extra. We dream, hope and enjoy our time being alive even though we know we have to go through thousand of hardships until we find the one thing that makes us truly happy.

We are willing to break ourselves down, fight the system and even the people around us, sacrifice all we have or all we are just so we can make a difference in this world. Because, we are than kind of fabulous people.

We are fabulous. We are interesting. We are great. We are talented. We care. We hope. We dream. We offer. We desire a different future – brighter one. The thing is we have a different way of showing our ideas, that’s why the previous generation thinks of us as hippies or dangerous. They just don’t understand that we are something different. We are something new. We are here to change the world the way it should change. Make this world more understanding, more open, more carefree, more relaxed, with values of respect to all beings no matter who or how different they are.

I guess, you could say that this was my own little, private experiment. I did learn a lot, though, and it is a great life lesson for me. I hope it is for you. Why? Because, knowing that there is a new generation or dreamers and achievers and protectors of life out there – makes me feel better, makes me have hope.

I am a young, broke and fabulous being as well.
As are you.
As we all are.

So, please, don’t let anyone harm or change the sacred spirit you have and push yourself to challenge everything you know. Let’s make a different future, let’s create something better for the next generation.

Allow me to end this writing piece with a line from a movie that I don’t remember the title right now…

If now, then when? If not us, then who?

Thanks for reading!

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