Everybody’s a food lover…

You can’t survive without food. They say you can survive without junk food – but, I beg to disagree. If you can’t have, at least, one day of the week when you can eat whatever junk food you want then what’s the point in living? I understand that some people are very into healthy diet and believe in balanced diets, but a cheat day is a must. It’s like a reward for yourself, for all the good things you’ve eaten throughout the week.

This Saturday I visited a very popular junk food restaurant around Athens, called
THE BURGER JOINT, and I treated myself for the few salads I’ve devoured the past week. Although, I wouldn’t exactly define it as junk food.

Sure, I had a burger.
Sure, it had homemade mayo in it.
Sure, I had a few appetizers.
Sure, there were plenty of french fries next to the burger.
Sure, I had desert.
Sure, I couldn’t walk afterwards because of the amount of food that I had eaten.

Okay. It was a very high profile junk food, burger, restaurant.

The food was simply amazing. It’s definitely a place I recommend visiting with a loved one or with your friends. Maybe, it’s a bit of a friends-get-together kind of place, because the whole vibe of the place was very casual and laid back and there were plenty of groups there talking, laughing and eating, than couples.

The place’s style was leaning towards the American style of food place. From the bar, to the walls, to the aesthetic – it was like an american visit in Greece.


Needless to say, the food was so satisfying that I could just stay there and eat all day long. Kind of. At some point, I think I may have had too much to eat. But hey, the people I was with recommended all these great appetizers that I just had to have a taste. I did.
They were glorious.

We ordered ‘Jalapenos’ which had Philadelphia cheese and red pepper in it, accompanied by a red sauce – it was spicy, but so good – bourbon chicken bits that I fell in love with, because of their strong taste and interesting flavour, a small dish called ‘Quesadilla’ with small tortillas filled with chicken, cheese, pepper and I don’t even know what else – accompanied by what seemed to be like yogurt – and a Caesar’s salad, because we respect the meaning of a salad in every meal.

They seem too much for you? Maybe. The waiters were, indeed, looking at us a bit weird, but my friends were regulars so few of the people there knew exactly how much they order when going there.

I had the UMAMI burger, which I loved and couldn’t get enough of. I definitely recommend this to be the first burger you try when going there. From what I was told, it’s their most popular one and has beef (medium well grilled), goat cheese, caramelized onions, some of their homemade mayo and was accompanied by french fries. For a drink, we opted for some homemade lemonade.

It was so interesting that most of their materials there were homemade, like the drinks, the mayo, the meat – and I believe, it has a nice ring to your ears when you hear that what you’re eating is not entirely filled with preservatives. We have to protect our health a bit, even if we are eating junk food.

You can’t leave without having some desert and I couldn’t resist ‘The Beast’. This desert that is called ‘The beast’, is a double (or triple) level of brownies with two or three scoups of homemade vanilla ice cream. Just to let you know, the brownies are a bit hot, just the right temperature to make them melt in your mouth in the most delicious way possible. It’s the kind of desert you fall in love with.

The place is located in Neo Psychico, in Athens, in a very beautiful neighborhood. It’s a bit tricky to get there in the beginning, but I think if you have a GPS you’ll be just fine.

The food, the place, the atmosphere and the whole vibe of the place was so warm there is no chance you won’t like it. I have been to a few places I didn’t quite enjoy in my life, but this ain’t one of them.

If you are in Greece, in Athens most specifically, you should definitely try it.
You’ll love it.
Because all burgers there are grilled right!

Thanks for reading!

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