Modern day’s women demand from fashion more utilitarian pieces…

Nowadays, women want to be chic and in fashion, but their busy daily schedules leave them little room to be fashionable. When you have to take care of your family, your house and maintain a career in the middle of it all, you start to care little about style and more about comfort. That’s the main reason why women started leaning towards the casual sporty trend that’s much more utilitarian than others.

However, designers and buyers understand the people’s need and rush (as always) to provide for their target group and since that specific target group is quite big, they can’t just dismiss it.

If they can’t create something new and comfortable, then they ‘ go back in time’ and dig up the best utilitarian fashion trends they can find, modernize them and offer them to their target groups at fixable prices.
This season a rather old trend made its appearance in street style and catwalks. A trend that was immediately loved by all types of people, in and out of fashion, because it was exactly what those women wanted – something that helped them in their daily lives, but also added that chic, stylish touch they wanted so much.

Belt bags are officially in fashion.
It’s the ultra-convinient bag with many names, including ‘funny pack’, and that jumped from the use of tourists to the catwalks. It was subtly used for a few seasons, but now it’s a full on fashion trend that is so much-loved by bloggers, stylists, celebrities and the general public.


The general idea is that it’s a small to medium size bag that’s capable of holding your most important items while leaving your hands free. It’s smart, cute, stylish and very trendy.

These days it’s been worn with knitted oversized sweaters in plain colors. However, I roamed the internet a bit, meaning I spend my hours in Nordstrom, and found some rather cute belt bags that are not very expensive, so it’s affordable for all people. Still, there are plenty more belt bags to choose from, from multiple high fashion stores, all you have to do is a decent research to find the one for you.

Here are my choices for belt bags that cost under 50€

Embossed Faux Leather Belt Bag
Geometric Detail Faux Leather Belt Bag
Quilted Vegan Leather Convertible Belt Bag
Kinza Belt Bag
Houndstooth Belt Bag
Prince Quilted Belt Bag

Those were my choices for affordable, but above all stylish, belt bags!
Hope you liked my choices!

Thanks for reading!

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