Believe it or not, there is a right way to do “athleisure” style.

When you want to put together a well balanced athleisure style outfit you have to keep in mind that both chic and sporty need to be in perfect balance. Otherwise you might look like you’ve tried too hard – and that will, most likely, ruin the whole vibe of the outfit.

80% chic and 20% sporty elements put together to create a practical, street-style-appropriate athleisure look.


There are multiple combinations you can make and experiment with this certain style. I like to put together moodboards when it comes to trends, it helps me have an idea of the trend’s roots and unspoken rules that follow it.

This particular trend is all about sporty cardigans, athletic tights, sneakers or runners in vibrant colors or plain black and white, hoodies with denim jackets or leather ones thrown over the top. Those are just some key clothing pieces most fashion icons use to achieve the athleisure look they want.

Following, I have some of my favourite pieces that I believe are amazing for a great, well balanced athleisure look. I opted for a neutral color palette – just so every piece can easily be matched with the other – , but as always you can mingle colors together (if that’s closer to your style) and be bold with the outfit you want to put together. My advice is to experiment with colors and designs until you find your style and what works for you, that way you will know what you like and what looks good on you.

Brand alert! I chose clothes from well known athletic brands, mainly because they are experts in sporty clothing lines and have awesome products. However, you can fine athletic products pretty much anywhere now, so you choose what you want to put together an athleisure look.


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The good thing about this particular style is that it’s very practical and comfy. Many fashion bloggers and celebrities use it, in a way, as a look quite often, since it’s quite useful on a busy day.

Keep in mind that all the products above are merely a suggestion from my part, a way to explain how athleisure style works for me and what products I find ideal for such a look.

Thanks for reading!

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