With the arrival of December the feeling that this year is coming to an end is more powerful than ever. Each day I wake up and check the calendar with anticipation for the new year.

Self love is one of the most important life lessons that this year taught me. I had my ups, I had my downs, but each time I was there to pick my own self up with determination not to let any negative feeling overcome me. I think I did well, considering how much clearer I see myself now.

Daily struggles and toxic people in our lives tend to make us forget how important it is to do things we enjoy and follow our insticts. Sometimes other people’s burdens become our own and instead of offering a helping hand we tend to get swallowed in the pit of dispair. That’s something none of us needs in their lives.

If there is one advice I want to give to all of you and suggest it as a new years revelation is for all of you to find your inner peace. 
I never realized exactly how powerful and how liberating, finding your inner peace can actually be. Once you’ve mastered that, trust me, you will be a much greater help for the people around you and yourself.

Let me demonstrate…

Inner peace is a state of mind that offers not only peace in mind and body, but confidence, love, support and actually helps you view yourself as an individual human being that you are in charge of keeping happy, safe and healthy. 

I am going to be honest here and say that I haven’t been all that good when it comes to my finding inner peace. It took me a while to achieve that state that I don’t get affected by other people’s words, but value my own the most and listen to what my heart wants and not what I should or must do, according to others. 

Achieving that state of inner peace comes in stages.  It’s like a ladder you must climb in order to reach the top, but can’t skip any step because if you do you might fall. That ladder has been my nightamare for a whole year, but I am glad I am halfway there.


That you matter just as much as the next person.

Past mistakes don’t make you weak. Forgive your younger self for being naive and try to make him/her stronger as time goes on.

Be crystal clear.
Find out who you are, what you want and what kind of people you want to be surrounded by and don’t settle for less.

Voice your opinion out loud and dare to take steps out of your comfort zone.

No matter how dificult it is, face the world with a smile and show them exactly how determined you are to be happy and successful.

Choose you.
Choose yourself when nobody else does. Put you first and love you like nobody else.

Be comfortabe.
Be okay with who you are and what you look like. Be comfortable with your current self while striving to become the best version of that said self.

Let no one tell you how to live your life. You are your own life’s master and responsible for your success and happiness. Get out there, in the world, make yourself known, fill your life’s book with adventures and enjoy every second of your life.

By identifying these steps, I’d say I am still stuck in the “DARE” ladder. I guess, getting out of my comfort zone is a bit harder than I anticipated, but I am proud to say that I am getting there.

Trust me when I say that these steps are your guidance to your inner peace. All those things combined help you set a way to becoming the best version of yourself, to live a life you are happy with, to be with people who love you and not with those who constantly bring you down. 
Never forget that we are responsible of our own happiness, and to be honest, we are never fully sure we are happy if we place our happiness in the hands of somebody else. 

Find your inner peace by loving and doing things for yourself, before you decide to help others. Make sure you are, spiritually, in a calm and serene place and that you are capable of helping others join you in that place.

Help yourself. Love yourself. Calm yourself. 
Sometimes you're all you got...

Thanks for reading!

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