The Year of Growth.

It does sound like a movie title, but to me that’s just what 2018 was like. There are multiple images on Instagram about the last three years, with most of them saying how this years is the game.

Well, for me, 2018 was indeed the game and I must say I crushed it. Back in the beginning of the year I was talking about how I wanted to concentrate on myself and evolve as a person and choose happiness and positive vibes over toxic people and stressful situations.

In all honesty, that was very hard to do and some times I disappointed myself and even the people around me. That is all part of the journey, part of the adventure – if you want to focus on you and make good choices for yourself then you can’t worry about other people’s feelings. I am not saying I am insensitive, I am just saying that I love myself now and I fight for my health in all levels.

The entire internet is filled with articles about New Year’s Resolutions, and I am here without a clue of what to say, wish or desire for the new year. Of course, there are still plenty of things I want and I have only achieved half of my goals, but I still haven’t found the time to sit myself down and think about resolutions in particular. I guess, you could say that work has taken over most of my time.

All I know is that if 2018 was that liberating, I can only wish and do my best for 2019 to be even better. I wish 2019 teach me the value of life, friends and family, but also how important it is to be able to stand at your own feet. I hope 2019 is the year I will make grand changes in my life.

Yes, 2018 was liberating and a big lesson for me. Finally, I had the guts to make my own path in life, find the courage to stand up for myself and be independent. A proper young adult.

Now, that the time to let 2018 go has arrived I have the time to take a look over and appreciate the hard moments, as well as the happy ones that graced my year.

Will 2019 be better ?

Will 2019 be bad?

Will 2019 be my year?

Will 2019 be the most amazing year yet?

Nobody knows what the year that’s coming is going to bring and the best thing we all can do is hope for the best.
Therefore, to all of you who are ready to make this year the best of their lives I hope you have a marvellous year with health, love and happiness!

Thanks for reading!

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