Red carpet events are a weakness of mine.

Why, you ask?

The beautiful gowns, the celebrities posing flawlessly, the eagerness of the photographers, the flashing lights and the people running up and down while being anxious about how the event will turn out. The entire night, for some might be a joy , but for others is a night full of nerves.

Golden Globes is such an event. Flashing lights lit up the sky, while the most glowing celebrities of Hollywood paraded on the red carpet wearing the most mind blowing designs of well known designers and fashion houses. A celebration for movies that always turns into a celebration for fashion.

Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Miu Miu, Atelier Armani – are just a few of the fashion houses and brands that are responsible for some of the celebrities appearances.

Obviously, all fashion lovers focused on the dashing ladies who were dressed up for the night of their dreams. With outfits that complimented their looks, let’s move on my own Golden Globes Awards – Best Dressed List.

Are you all ready?

Disclaimer! My best dressed list is quite long. Be patient and enjoy!

The one woman, who I believe really stole the show is without a doubt Sandra Oh !! In my opinion, she was the one who really made an impression on everyone with her vintage look vibe. Her black hair styled on the side and her white dress really had a vibe from an older time. Maybe, the word to describe her is … classy.

Tell me who made an impression on you and who did you find best dressed?

What, I believe, all ladies on the red carpet managed to do is to look erotic and seductive, while also look modern and fashionable without looking too revealing. There was a certain vibe in the atmosphere. Women managed to steal the show with their confidence more than their beauty, and that’s an achievement in a world where (recently especially) beauty and sexiness is an absolute must.

Congratulations to all winners and nominies of the awards and to all who were there to support their better halves. Until the next ceremony, ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be discussing those appearances! Au revoir!

Thanks for reading!

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