Who says an ordinary life cannot be vivacious?


Vivacious is a life blog created by Anastasia Liouli that documents her so-called ordinary life in the most vivacious way possible. Her life’s many aspects are “written” for the world to read, enjoy and identify itself.

Who am I?

That’s a good question. Let me tell you a few basic things about myself.
My name is Anastasia. I was born and raised in Greece with great hopes, dreams and ambitions. I love being busy all the time and I hate being bored, that’s why I have a billion hobbies and every day, every month and every year I set new (sometimes impossible)goals to myself and I try each and every day to achieve them.
I am that kind of person.

I studied Fashion Management, one of my greatest passions. I love a good outfit and I admire a stylish person. If I could I would spend all day dressing up in front of my mirror, but fortunately my narcissism doesn’t go that far.

Guess, you could say I am the stylish version of a bookworm, because I’ve been reading and writing ever since I could spell the alphabet.

It was approximately a year ago, after I finished my degree in F. Management and I learned more about the industry and the technical aspects of blogging that I decided to pursuit blogging more ‘professionally’.

This is not your typical fashion blog, the internet is filled with them and I know it. This is the type of blog that’s based on my life, my hobbies, my lifestyle… this blog is based on my Vivacious life.

I won’t tell you what you’re going to see in here, I prefer to let you explore it on your own. Go through my posts, learn more about me and what I believe, see fashion through my eyes and let me take you for a walk on a different side of fashion and life.

My name is Anastasia, and I am a mighty vivacious girl!

Welcome to the Vivacious Life Blogby anastasia liouli